Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - August 1, 1999


Why is Goal trumpeting Metropolitan Theodosius?

Metropolitan Theodosius is a Metropolitan in the Orthodox Church in America ("OCA"), an offshoot of the Russian Orthodox Church that is not recognized by the Ecumenical Patriarchate. As of late, Voithia has been paying an extraordinary amount of attention to him by posting a number of pieces about him. This raises the question why. No doubt the Voithia staff will have some sort of benign, canned explanation for this phenomenon. What really appears to be going on, however, is that GOAL is paving the way for a GOAL and Orthodox Christian Laity ("OCL") sponsored push to grab the assets of the Greek Orthodox Church in America (after all with many GOAL supporters it usually boils down to money) and then to unify the Greek Orthodox Church in America with the OCA. One logical way to do this is to introduce the Greek Orthodox faithful to the presiding hierarch of the OCA.

This raises a number of questions. For example, why does GOAL refer to Metropolitan Theodosius as one of our Bishops. Does GOAL want Metropolitan Theodosius to be the head of the new American Orthodox Church? What would happen to the Greek Orthodox Metropolitans now serving in America? Would they report to Metropolitan Theodosius? Do GOAL directors who are Archons support a "push"? How would the "asset grab" take place? Who would own the assets of the "new" church?

Stavros Kriticos

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