Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - June 27, 1999


Why is Goal so Defensive?

Some anonymous individual(s) or group(s) sends out some faxes and places an advertisement in Proini. GOAL then issues a press release on June 23, 1999 denying that it attempted to bribe the patriarch. The documents upon which the denial in the press release are based presumably are the ones posted on the GOAL website. Nowhere in those documents does it say or allege that the Greek Orthodox American Leaders, Inc. attempted to bribe the Patriarch. GOAL's reaction to these anonymous faxes on its face seems to be an overreaction and therefore to say the least is puzzling. Why is GOAL so defensive? Is it guilt? Is not innocence the best defense?

GOAL's assertion in its press release that "we're more amused than angry" is absolute nonsense. The bribery allegation which GOAL says is contained within the documents is extremely serious, and GOAL knows it. That allegation, if true, could threaten GOAL's tax exempt status. Moreover, bribery can be a crime. Many of GOAL's supporters would no doubt be turned off by such immoral, and perhaps illegal, behavior. GOAL should not insult the intelligence of the faithful by saying it is amused. The fact is GOAL is not amused - it is concerned and scared. Allegations of bribery are not amusing.

By George C. Rockas
Editor of Stewards Website

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