Greek Orthodox Stewards of America - February 22, 1999


The Truth about the so-Called "Homosexual Incident"

We have been told repeatedly that four professors were dismissed from Hellenic College/Holy Cross Seminary ("School") because they reported a "homosexual" incident and wanted the alleged perpetrator to be punished. This story cannot withstand scrutiny. To date, not a shred of evidence has been produced that such an incident occurred (e.g., verified eyewitness accounts of a "homosexual" incident). The reason for this is because the story is a hoax.


Many supporters of the dismissed professors would have us believe that the professors were dismissed because they wanted to discipline a student who committed a homosexual molestation. They are portrayed as champions of morality. The fundamental flaw in this story is that no homosexual incident ever occurred. It is well-known among the students and those who investigated the alleged incident that no such homosexual incident occurred. There were several young men in a small dorm room engaged in rough-housing or horse-play. No homosexual advance was made toward anyone. One student pinched or touched another student on the chest, who in turn hit him. This was the entire extent of the big "homosexual" incident, to which a number of students were eyewitnesses. The next time you talk to a proponent of the "homosexual" story, ask him or her for concrete evidence supporting the assertion that a "homosexual" incident occurred. They will be unable to comply with your request.


The professors' supporters have created a false story to create sympathy for the professors' cause (which is to be fully reinstated to their prior positions). They disingenuosly claim that the professors were dismissed or demoted because they refused to "'cover up' the incident of molestation." In reality, these very professors were in positions of authority at the School at the time of the so-called incident. They were all full professors, and Fr. Calivas was the President. If some violation of propriety had occurred they had every opportunity to discipline the alleged perpetrator in a wide variety of ways. In fact, it would have been their responsibility to do so. But nothing was done to discipline him because nothing occurred. The accused student graduated while all four professors were at the School. He went through graduation ceremonies officiated by Fr. Calivas.


Supporters of the professors insist that it is in the best interest of the School that they be reinstated immediately. This is not correct. Their return would create the potential for further divisiveness at the School. In fact, the accreditation agencies have taken the position that the professors should not return to the School, and that a "return" would not be in the School's best interests.


The Greek Orthodox faithful deserve better - they deserve to know the truth, and until now they have not received it. The injection of "homosexuality" into the "professor" issue simply has no basis in fact. Critics of the Archdiocese have used "homosexuality" as a propaganda tool aimed at discrediting the Archdiocese. In reality, these individuals have incited the faithful by playing upon homophobic fears. This ploy says more about the individuals who have fabricated the incident than it does about anyone else. Specifically, it says that they have absolutely no regard for the School or the faithful. It is time for the people spreading the story to produce concrete evidence, if they have it, or be quiet.

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