Monomakhos - December 9, 2019

Is the Man Behind the Curtain Going to be Arrested?

Over the years, the news has been peppered with articles about Alex Karloutsos, the GOA’s Vicar General and Director, Public Affairs. His name is repeatedly associated with overseeing the fundraising for the St. Nicholas shrine where he, personally, raised tens of millions of dollars from wealthy donors which, of course, is now missing. As Vicar General, he also controls the majority of the funds that come from the United States to Constantinople.

Karloutos is not just well known within the Greek community, but by those who are at the center of geopolitics, as well. Some may remember the fact-finding session with George Papadopoulos during the Mueller probe where Papadopoulos said: “I’m sure I was talking to people to get a job. I just can’t remember exactly who or what I was doing, but I was in touch with Rob Whitmore, some people who were connected to Reince Priebus, this guy Father Alex Karloutsos in New York so it was — that’s really — I mean, certainly, I wanted a job and I was trying to talk to people who could get me a job.” I guess Karloutos could get him a job.

Karloutsos’ name has long been associated with top globalists like Rondos and Soros and is known as a “Machiavel who functions as a sort of papal legate within the GOA.” He has made a few slick videos to help us deal with that eventuality if you’re curious.

In short, Father Alex gets around. He is connected to just about every Deep State player imaginable, which includes top Democrats and Republicans. If ever there were a “man behind the curtain”, it would be Karloutsos.

So you can imagine my interest when I received three articles from popular Greek websites. Because they are translated into English, I’m going to publish them in their entirety below:

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