Say it Loudly: OXI - February 19, 2020

The Church is Divided

When the Vice President of the Archdiocesan Council went on record with The National Herald saying, “I believe in the Archdiocese and people that put out false information on the Internet should be held accountable,” we have to ask, does Mr. Catsimatidis believe that people seriously enjoy taking time to write posts critical about the Church? Do people just get a thrill to stir up drama for the hell of it?

Does anyone believe that the employees and spiritual leaders of GOA and the Ecumenical Patriarchate are actually innocent in this entire catastrophe?

It is such wonderful news that Mr. Catsimatidis wants to be a new crusader of accountability. But what about all the misleading information that was put on the Internet by the organization that Mr. Catsimatidis is officially leading as a lay leader? Yes, we mean the GOA.

When will Mr. Catsimatidis start holding his buddies in New York accountable? When are the employees of the GOA going to be held accountable? When is Father Alex Karloutsos going to be held accountable?

When are the actual expense records for the Office of the Archbishop, Father Alex Karloutsos, Nathanael’s Ecumenical Office, and all the departments going to become transparent? Or are we going to have to wait until the Federal Government makes another announcement regarding who was spending money inappropriately?

Mr. Catsimatidis may talk a big talk about wanting to hold people on the Internet accountable, but we will likely never see him take any action to hold anyone accountable in the GOA under his leadership. The accountability being referenced by Mr. Catsimatidis seems to imply that the GOA employees do not need to be held accountable for wasting the faithful’s money, and that looks worse than the video and picture of his daughter circulating the Internet. From the Instagram page of Andrea Catsimatidis

Unlike her father, she is hiding nothing and leaving nothing to the imagination. Mr Catsimatidis on the other hand seems to hide a lot and for some reason is unwilling to clean up the swamp (i.e. Father Alex) running rapid in the GOA.

What is the GOA so afraid of that they cannot come clean about how much each employee was and currently is spending? Why does the public have to be informed about the transgressions operating in the GOA from prosecutors and federal investigators?

We do not need any more serpents tempting the faithful away from Christ.

If Catsimatidis is unwilling to hold the GOA employees accountable, then he is the wrong man for the job. Good luck trying to become Mayor of New York if you can’t even oversee a Church with integrity, because that is something money cannot buy.

And throughout all these latest developments, Archbishop Elpidophoros remains silent. How can we make the Church great again if our spiritual leader is approving lawsuits against people who feel scammed by the Church that was supposed to fill their spiritual needs?

The Archbishop Elpidophoros attempts to publish words of wisdom each day, but His Eminence and his Vicar General and Archdiocesan Council leaders some how feel immune from following His Eminence’s daily reflections.

Yesterday, His Eminence offered a reminder for us to remember the words of St. John, to be “like children…to love in deed and truth.” When will Father Alex live in deed and truth and expose his credit cards bills for the past thirty years to the faithful? Or are the faithful not worthy of seeing the truth?

When will His Eminence show love for those who are fighting to stop him from destroying what little integrity is left in the Archdiocese?

To be like children means we have the innocence to love completely and trust that we are not being misguided by those who lead us.

The problem is that the trust many have in the GOA has crashed and burned. The Archdiocese has to work a lot harder if they want the faithful to get to that point. The spiritual leaders, including the Ecumenical Patriarchate, are the ones who have degraded the relationship. If they want the relationship to be restored, they must answer to the faithful, and not brush things aside and pretend that it is buried in the past with Archbishop Demetrios. They have to end being prideful and try to build large Shrines that do not meet the reality of our Church.

The days of blindly following spiritual leaders and trust that we are being told the truth are over.

It is time for the Archbishop to find his backbone and kick Catsimatidis and Karloutsos to the curb.

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   February 19, 2020 ]